What’s the Best 2022 Acura RDX Trim? Here’s Our Guide (2023)

The competent, feature-packed 2022 Acura RDX receives several updates to keep it fresh for the new model year. Along with reworking the design, Acura tweaked its compact crossover's drivetrain, refined the suspension tuning, and refreshed the in-cabin technology. But some things haven't changed: The RDX still draws from the brand's halo product, the hybrid NSX supercar, when it comes to styling and performance technology.

Currently offered with either FWD and AWD, the RDX is also available in five trim levels. Read on to find out what makes each trim unique and which one we recommend.

2022 Acura RDX Base Model Pros and Cons

Every Acura RDX is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine developing 272 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. FWD is standard but torque-vectoring AWD, which Acura calls "Super Handling All-Wheel Drive," abbreviated as SH-AWD, is available on every trim level for just over $2,000 more than FWD. On Advance and A-Spec Advance trims, AWD is standard.

Acura equips the RDX with appealing standard equipment including LED "Jewel Eye" headlights, daytime running lights, and taillights, plus 19-inch alloy wheels and a panoramic moonroof. The base RDX also has heated side mirrors with reverse tilting functionality. A motorized tailgate with an adjustable maximum height is standard.

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Interior amenities include dual-zone climate control, keyless entry and ignition, and an auto-dimming rearview mirror. A leather-wrapped steering wheel is standard, and the cabin comes trimmed in aluminum. White ambient cabin lighting is also included at the base level. The 12-way power front seats are heated and trimmed with leatherette.

A 10.1-inch display is standard, and unfortunately, it doesn't have touchscreen capabilities. Instead, a somewhat difficult-to-operate touchpad controls the infotainment system. Complementing this screen is a standard 7.0-inch digital gauge cluster in front of the driver. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, and Key by Amazon are included with every RDX. Wi-Fi capability is standard, and the RDX also benefits from over-the-air software updates. A nine-speaker audio system is standard on the base RDX, and up front, there are two USB ports.

Even at the base level, the Acura RDX boasts an impressive array of safety technology. Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, road departure mitigation, traffic sign recognition, auto high-beam headlights, hill start assist, automatic brake hold, rear cross-traffic assist, and multiple camera view parking cameras are all standard features.

Acura offers a number of packages on the base RDX. The Premium package adds remote engine start, hands-free tailgate access, and a choice of black or silver roof rails. Ticking the Sports package covers the Acura badging in gloss black. It also replaces the standard 19-inch wheels with black-painted 20-inch alloys. The Utility package, also offered in black or silver, installs roof rails, crossbars, a running board, and cargo organizer. Expect to pay just over $41,000 for the base RDX with FWD and just over $43,000 for the RDX with AWD.

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2022 Acura RDX Technology Pros and Cons

Both FWD and AWD versions of the RDX can be equipped at the Technology trim level, which builds on the base trim. Exterior changes are minimal, with metallic gray 19-inch alloys replacing the standard silver wheels.

Interior improvements are more significant with upgrades including Acura's navigation system with traffic and GPS-linked climate control, a premium 12-speaker ELS audio setup, wireless phone charging, and a leather interior with contrast stitching. From the Technology trim onward, the RDX is equipped with configurable 27-color interior ambient lighting. It also gains parking sensors and a rear camera washer. Acura offers the same package upgrades to this trim as it does the base model. Stepping up to the RDX Technology trim hikes the price by just over $2,500.

2022 Acura RDX A-Spec Pros and Cons

The Acura RDX A-Spec wears the Sports Appearance package as standard. Cosmetic changes include A-Spec badges, black exterior trim, a unique rear bumper, beefy exhaust tips, standard Shark Grey 20-inch wheels, and LED foglights. Despite a sportier appearance, A-Spec models don't receive any performance enhancements compared to the base RDX or RDX Technology.

The cabin gets upgrades, too, in the form of the highest-tier ELS Studio 3D premium 16-speaker sound system. The seats are trimmed in Acura's Ultrasuede leather, and the front chairs gain ventilation. Opting for the RDX A-Spec switches the headliner over to black rather than gray and adds metal sport pedals. A flat-bottom steering wheel rounds out the interior's sporty looks.

Acura still offers the Utility package with the RDX A-Spec but replaces the regular Sports package with an A-Spec Sports package. It adds more special touches to the exterior and interior with equipment such as gloss black Acura badges, a heated sport steering wheel, black wheel lugs, and black valve stem caps. The RDX A-Spec is $3,000 more than the Technology trim level.

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2022 Acura RDX Advance Pros and Cons

Whereas the RDX A-Spec prioritizes sporty looks, the Advance trim steps up the luxury. It rides on smaller Pewter Gray 19-inch wheels but retains LED foglights. This trim also has an adaptive damper system, making it the first trim in the entire lineup to offer significantly different performance equipment. A hands-free tailgate is standard and comes with an automatic walk-away-close function. The Advance trim adds LED puddle lights and power folding side mirrors, as well.

It lacks the A-Spec trim's Ebony headliner and sport pedals but gains open-pore wood trim. The heated and ventilated leather seats are upgraded from 12-way power to 16-way motorized articulation and gain thigh extenders and side bolsters. This trim has all the same connectivity and infotainment technology as A-Spec models save for the addition of a 10.5-inch head-up display. It gains more driver assistance features, including a 360-degree camera view system, head-up display safety warnings, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and windshield wiper de-icer. The RDX Advance is just over $2,000 more than the A-Spec and cannot be equipped with FWD.

2022 Acura RDX A-Spec Advance Pros and Cons

This package combines the RDX A-Spec and Advance for one fully loaded trim. It adds the A-Spec exterior appearance, including the black trim, badging, rear bumper, and exhaust tips to the Advance package's luxury equipment. This trim rides on the upgraded suspension with adaptive dampers. It retains the 16-way heated and ventilated seats but adds Acura's Ultrasuede material to give the chairs a sportier look. The black headliner returns with the A-Spec Advance trim along with metal pedals. The RDX A-Spec Advance trim has all the same technology, connectivity, and safety features as regular Advance models but loses the head-up display. Acura charges an additional $2,000 for the RDX A-Spec Advance.

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2022 Acura RDX PMC Edition Pros and Cons

The RDX PMC Edition returns, a follow-up to a limited run of 360 units of the compact SUV that wore eye-catching Thermal Orange Pearl paint for the 2021 model year. The 2022 Acura RDX PMC Edition is painted Long Beach Blue Pearl and is built by hand at the Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio, the same plant in which the NSX is built.

It rides on unique 20-inch wheels painted Berlina Black and has a gloss black grille to complement the rest of the blacked-out trim. Acura equips the RDX PMC Edition with the A-Spec's round exhaust tips and rear bumper. The interior features leather upholstery, a flat-bottom steering wheel, and everything that comes as part of the Advance package. Just 200 examples are slated for production. Expect pricing to fall around $55,000.

Which 2022 Acura RDX Is Best?

The most basic RDX looks great and is well equipped with comfort, technology, and safety features. With a responsive engine and transmission coupled with Acura's SH-AWD system—which we'd go as far to say is a must-have due to the handling benefits of its torque vectoring capabilities—the base 2022 RDX is engaging to drive when the road gets twisty and has some luxurious touches such as a large moonroof, heated 12-way power front seats, and a powered tailgate. When fully loaded, the RDX never gets as expensive as its rivals, but for just over $43,000, the entry-level version of this crossover makes a great case for itself as a fun yet luxurious runabout.

2022 Acura RDX Trim Levels

  • Base (MT's pick)
  • Technology
  • A-Spec
  • Advance
  • A-Spec Advance
  • PMC Edition


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